About Me

tumblr_o4xsx2J8kJ1v5rzkdo1_540I’m 20 years old from a cookie-cutter city in Southern California. I moved to the Ole Southwest in 2014 and didn’t dare look back. I’m a student at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, majoring in Creative Writing and Literature, with a focus on Fiction and Non-Fiction. I am continuously inspired by humans, nature, politics, travel and experiences. Writing about people helps me make sense of them and myself, I often find myself jotting down phrases stolen from private conversations and taking notes on people I meet at work or see while driving. Idiosyncrasies, quirks and anecdotes fascinate me and tell more about a person than most are willing to share. I try to incorporate the shattered pieces lingering in the depths of me into my work, I like to intertwine old feelings with new. I often feel my writing is far too sad to be liked, but I refuse to neglect my need to write depression narratives, I refuse to ignore the truth that fuels me. I’ve taken to photography quite quickly, having only worked a T5i for the first time last Fall. But I am still learning, and plan to pursue my passions for pictures alongside appropriate writing. Each picture associated with my Instagram essays was taken by myself, some before I got the assignment and some specifically for it. I’m fascinated with the idea of associating images with writing, especially on a platform like Instagram. I’m learning how to compose my pictures to better match them with my writing, like in “Anachronism” I feel the picture is very complimentary of the writing unlike “Where We Sat” where the picture is bland in its connotations. Usually the picture comes before the essay, for “Anachronism” I took that picture before Media & Storytelling began, and used it to fuel inspiration for my Instagram essay. For my Atavist project, I revamped a story I had wrote for my Intermediate Fiction class. The story is primarily true, with slight embellishing, and it is very near and dear to my heart. After my grandma, my favorite person in the world, passed away in July 2015, I knew it was my duty to write the story she was writing herself. She had been writing a memoir and I inherited the journals she was working in, I used the journals to obtain information about her formative years and when she met my grandpa. When given the assignment to write an 8-15 page story, I gathered my information and painted a picture, the portrait of their love. Atavist has allowed me to use photos and songs to enhance the mood of the 60’s and the love my grandparents were swiftly falling into. For my final, and wild card, Instagram essay, I chose to dig deeper into the cynical and sad psyche residing inside me, I wanted to encompass the true meaning of the words lettered between my shoulder blades. I am most proud of “Typewriter Keys Punched Into My Skin” because it was a struggle to write (and photograph) but I am pleased with the outcome, much more metaphorical than I usually write, but just as telling. In my two years at SFUAD, I have progressed from retired fan-fiction writer turned wanna-be to someone who is swimming in ideas, emotions and literary devices. I have chosen to only become better than I am, and never settle for notoriety, but for the on-going journey to infinite happiness and acceptance. Even if the journey lasts a lifetime.