Cremation of Care

Cremation of Care, Bohemian Grove, Northern California Porter Garnett, 1908

I’m not proud to be an American, where authority is taken as the truth, rather than the truth as the authority. My presidents have hocked lie after lie despite foudroyant proof of the government’s penetralia sugar coated in the name of the landofthefree and the homeofthebrave.

FREE meaning: not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes. FREE meaning, no police brigades at peaceful protests, no reduction of civil liberties, no deduction of internet privacy, no distraction from the truth. The truth! The truth will set you free!

The truth is wealthy political figures in white cloaks don theatrical voices in Northern California, chanting to an owl deity engulfed in flames clouding the redwoods. I can’t ignore suspicious answers, skirting around questions and stuttering from the same bumbling politician.

George W. Bush and George Bush Sr. at the Bohemian Grove, Northern California

I can’t ignore the pattern in the eyes of the political clones on marionette strings, conditioned to lie, conditioned to hide; the truth, their past, their father’s past, their father’s father’s past, their father’s father’s father’s past. How can I feel safe and free in a country whose presidents are members of a secret society, based in the tombs of Yale?

How can we hide under the veil of democracy, shaming our faces in the authoritative land that I am supposed to love? I step onto the earth, feel the snow/grass/soft,wet,ground beneath my feet, I step onto the earth, in America— I feel Apache tears soaked into the soil, thousands of years of land, of time, of lies. A country built on lies with the promise of freedom, the promise for a government of the people, by the people, for the people; when the people are slowly disarmed of their right to defend themselves against the disregard of the fourth amendment. Slowly but surely, the people are becoming powerless.

Conga lines of policemen decked in assault rifles, taser bullets and nightsticks break down doors without warrants, seizing pot from black/white/brown/tan/every shade/every hue/men and women/harmless citizens. I drive down the street, I see government pigs everywhere. A combination of black, white and gold, or red, white and blue; small standard cars, large squadron SUV’s rolling through the streets on a Monday morning. I can’t deny the changes when our politicians speak of the “new world order,” a one world government, a one world religion. Pushing gun control, microchips, more surveillance, more money, more order, more obedience, less thinking, less questioning, less acknowledging, more ignoring, more distractions, distractions!! distractions!!

Owl deity, Moloch, Bohemian Grove, Northern California

Force feeding the people what they think they want; tabloids, Fox News, fast food, hot girls, reality T.V. I can’t ignore these things, I can’t ignore secret societies, lucrative liabilities, owl deities, Egyptian prophecies, Illuminati, molten metal, steel beams, I can’t ignore our enemies! Do you see? Can you see? We can’t ignore anything, we can’t let them slip by another three-hundred years overruling, overriding— when we have the right to alter or abolish. I refuse to wave fifty stars into the empyreal sky screaming God Bless America pledging my goddamn life, lying cold and broken in the cracks of the pavement beating red, black and blue.

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